Ashvchapani and Aritsvmgeli
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

I've chosen unsalted Sulguni, you can easily go for a fresh Imeretian cheese.

500 500 gr. fresh, unsalted Sulguni
6 6 teaspoon flour
2 2 cup corn flour
1 1 Cup walnut
350 350 ml. milk
150 150 ml. oil
15 15 gr. A pinch of red pepper
step 1
Grate a cheese and place it in a bowl. Mix corn flour with minced walnut in another bowl and slowly add milk and knead until you get some homogeneous dough. It shouldn’t be too thick; personally I prefer slightly thin dough, as Mchadi baked with the thinner dough doesn’t dry too much. It’ll be ideal if you first bake Mchadi and then work the cheese.
step 2
Divide the dough into small oval balls, place them on a hot oily pan, slightly push with fingers and flatten them evenly. Roast it well from both sides on a middle fire until it gets a good golden hue.
step 3
Now move towards the cheese. Start with placing it in a pot on a low fire. It’ll slowly melt and don't stop stirring, until it turns into a melted homogeneous mass. Adding some flour will make it more elastic with a better consistency.
step 4
Give a round shape to the cheese using a spoon, add a pinch of red ground pepper, which suits it perfectly, place them on a plate and serve warm.

How To Serve

Advice: You can use Sulguni as well as Imeretian cheese and white or yellow corn. Pass the pepper if you feel like doing so. Use pre-roasted and peeled macadamia instead of walnuts and halve the amount if you are choosing peanuts over them.