Wheat kernel salad
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
0-200 Kcal

I am a lawyer by profession. I have 3 children. Time has always been precious to me and from the age of 17 I was looking for a solution on how to combine housekeeping and career.

The discomfort created during the pandemic intensified my desire to create my own space and time even when all the family members have to #stay at home))

In other words, I just wanted to feel myself well and decided to make a healthy lifestyle my daily routine, which is primarily related to physical activity and proper nutrition.

I was waiting impatiently for everyone to go to sleep so that I had at least 1 hour for yoga practice, but I could never imagine that food would have such an impact not only on my physical but also on my mental health that I could use the energy used for food processing on other more exciting activities  and that food affects the quality of life and food can both fill us with or deplete us of energy (it depends on what we eat) and that #you are what you eat.

Thus, I founded Cafe “ Skhivi”, with my most valuable person, Mariam Gogitidze, where author’s dishes are created from the most natural, healthy, fresh, new blown, germinated thermally processed products, without salt, sugar, yeast or other chemical additives.

I am 100% rawtarian, I sleep for 4 hours, I feel exactly as active as at the age of 17. Do you know what I mean? The enthusiasm, diligence, purposefulness, productivity and desire to do “things” came back to me as 10 years ago, my weight was regulated, my digestive system was regulated, my face skin became purified,   loss of hair was reduced, I no longer have pains, including PMP and monthly period. Since I  eat raw food, I have not taken any medicine, flu and cold just disappeared and so many other interesting things happened that I continue to travel with great curiosity in this adventure called raw foodism.



Lighten up!

I love you


200 200 gr. iceberg lettuce
120 120 gr. cherry tomatoes
70 70 gr. sprouted kernel
100 100 gr. date palm
100 100 gr. cauliflower
100 100 gr. arugula
70 70 gr. almonds
50 50 ml. olive oil
70 70 gr. lime
step 1
Wheat sprouting technology: initially, wheat seeds need to be thoroughly rinsed several times in cold water, then pour into water in which 5-7 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide are dropped and thoroughly rinse again. As a result, fungus, bacteria or any virus on the wheat skin will extinguish. Then strain the water and place the wheat in any glass jar, pour over the water of room temperature and let stand for 10 hours in the warmth, at 22-25 degrees.
step 2
On average, after 10 hours, as soon as the sprouts become 2-3 millimeters, the wheat is ready. It is at this time that it is most useful. The higher the temperature, the faster is the sprouting process, and for the slowing down of the process it is placed in the fridge.
step 3
Preparation: Cut the iceberg lettuce into thin juliennes. We separate arugula into pieces by hand. Cut cherry tomatoes into 4 pieces. Cut the date palm with a wet knife to separate them and not to get an uniform mass.
step 4
Cut the cauliflower finely without the stem so that it c an be crushed by hand. Cut almonds into three parts, add sprouted wheat. Put all the ingredients in one bowl, mix and add the lime juice and olive oil.

How To Serve

The salad is ready, we can serve it and Lighten up.