Ton as a desert
1 1 georgian bread
50 50 gr. cheese sour cream
50 50 gr. ice-cream
20 20 gr. almonds
20 20 gr. nuts
20 20 gr. dried grape
20 20 gr. physalis
50 50 gr. honeycomb
50 50 gr. honey
1 1 clove garlic
30 30 gr. sugar powder
50 50 gr. peach jam
step 1
Cut Shoti bread in half and across, put on baking paper and pour olive oil. Smear honey and sprinkle raisins and honeycombs on top.
step 2
Heat the bread for 10 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.
step 3
Mix sour cream with grated garlic with a knife. Place sour cream on warmed bread, add ice cream, peach jam, honey comb, honey, raisins, almonds, nuts and physalis.

How To Serve

At the very end we decorate the dish with pansies and sprinkle with powdered sugar.