salmon in dough
500 500 gr. salmon fillet
1 1 kg. puff pastry
100 100 gr. parsley
150 150 gr. walnut
100 100 ml. olive oil
3 3 piece cloves of garlic
2 2 piece eggs
step 1
Cut the parsley and place in a blender along with nuts, garlic and butter. Mix everything together to get a homogeneous mass. Add salt to taste.
step 2
Puff pastry should be at room temperature. You can cook it yourself, or buy it ready, which will need to be defrosted in advance.
step 3
Place the fillet in a well rolled dough. Leave the dough so much so that the fish can be wrapped on both sides. Place the pesto cooked on the fish. Cover the fish on top so that the integrity of the shell is not broken. Make cuts on dough and spread it with egg yolk.
step 4
Put in the oven heated to 175 degrees for 35-40 minutes. After 15 minutes, smear with butter.

How To Serve

Enjoy your meal!