eggplant roulette
400 400 gr. eggplant
60 60 gr. walnuts
200 200 gr. pomegranate
100 100 gr. corriander
200 200 gr. carrot
200 200 gr. zucchini
1 1 gr. dried coriander
1 1 gr. utskho suneli
5 5 ml. vinegar
step 1
Put the cleaned and thinly sliced eggplant into the oven without any fat. Bake, but without waiting until it dries.
step 2
Take out and try to make square braid
step 3
For the preparation of the filling, chopped walnut mix with cold water and spices, add live coriander, pomegranate and salt to taste. Put the filling on the braid of eggplant, sprinkle with pomegranate, add sliced zucchini and carrots.
step 4
Roll the coating on the filling and soak in finely chopped greens.

How To Serve

Enjoy your meal!