Not far from Tbilisi, in the direction of Mtskheta, you can reach an unusual place in Mukhrani - “Chateau Mukhrani”. The gardens and the castle of beautiful architecture, vineyards, a winery, a forest park - will delight the eyes and heart of any person. But all happiness helds in the kitchen and cellar of the Chateau Mukhrani. We recommend you to try the offered dishes and taste the unique wines. But, at this time, if you are not able to have a jorney in this beautiful place, do not worry, we will try to give you a complete recipe for one of the dishes that you can cook yourself.

400 400 gr. pork ribs
15 15 gr. sugar
5 5 gr. garlic
20 20 ml. vinegar
20 20 ml. barbeque sauce
15 15 gr. baking powder
400 400 gr. potato
100 100 ml. milk
100 100 ml. cream
5 5 gr. nutmeg
5 5 gr. white pepper
5 5 gr. salvia leaves
150 150 gr. mixed belly pepper
100 100 gr. zucchini
20 20 gr. pepper
40 40 gr. rosemary
150 150 gr. hard cheese
20 20 gr. mustard
step 1
Preheat oven to 150 degrees in advance. Stir barbecue sauce, sugar, ground black pepper, starch, vinegar, grated garlic, mustard and olive oil. Cut excess fat from the meat and spread it with sauce. Place on a baking foil and put in the oven. Slice potatoes into 2 ml thick plates and cook over low heat in milk and cream. Add nutmeg, white pepper and salvia leaf.
step 2
In total, 2 hours of baking are required to make the ribs ready. Along with this, place the potatoes in a baking dish and grate the hard cheese on top. Put in the oven for 15 minutes, 180 degrees. After readiness let cool until cutting.
step 3
Belly pepper and zucchini cut into desired pieces. Slightly fry vegetables in a pan in butter or olive oil for 2 minutes. Add salt and rosemary.

How To Serve

It goes well with "Shavkapito" and Borjomi.