Peach cake
5 5 peaches
5 5 eggs
500 500 gr. sugar
250 250 gr. butter
300 300 ml. sour milk
350 350 gr. flour
1 1 teaspoon soda
10 10 gr. baking powder
step 1
Blend eggs with 250 grams of sugar. Add soda to sour milk and baking powder, stir and when it rises, mix with the eggs. Add softened butter and flour.
step 2
Clean and peel the peach, cut it into cubes and place the mass in a metal dish together with the leftover sugar. Boil the mass for 15 minutes, cool it, place it on the ground of the baking form and add the dough on top.
step 3
Place the baking for in the oven and cook it for 25-30 minutes on 180 celsius.

How To Serve

Enjoy the cake in a bit cooled form.