Pork ribs with Christmas seasoning
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

Very tasty and simple dish, pork ribs with a special, New Year's aroma.

2,5 2,5 kg. pork ribs (whole)
250 250 gr. apples
250 250 gr. pumpkin
250 250 gr. batate
250 250 gr. potatoes
120 120 gr. honey
15 15 gr. anise star
20 20 gr. cinnamon
15 15 gr. carnation
15 15 gr. black pepper corns
15 15 gr. fennel seeds
15 15 gr. powdered ginger
250 250 gr. quince
step 1
First of all, we take anise, cinnamon, carnation, black pepper, dry ginger, fennel, and beat together. After, warm everything on a pan. Clean the ribs. Cut all the vegetables and fruits. Potatoe must be smaller. Make an incision in the meat close to the bone and put the piece of apple and quince.
step 2
Spread meat with seasonings, after - honey.
step 3
Put in a baking vessel vegetables, fruits, meat, and water so that half is covered. Cover with foil and bake for 3.5 hours at 70 degrees. If the water evaporates - add (this is the sauce).

How To Serve

Cut the meat into pieces, pour the sauce.