Nadughi (cottage cheese cream) and spinach dips
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal
100 100 gr. nadughi (cottage cheese cream)
50 50 ml. cream (not heavy)
2 2 piece garlic
25 25 gr. basil
10 10 gr. mint
100 100 gr. spinach
70 70 gr. sulguni
70 70 ml. cream
20 20 ml. sour cream
30 30 ml. olive oil
step 1
Mix in blender nadughi, basil, mint, cream, a garlic clove and salt. This mixture should have a sour creme consistency. If it's thicker - add some more cream.
step 2
Wash the spinach, use only leaves and chop them. Grate sulguni. Heat the pan and saute spinach, with a clove of crushed garlic.
step 3
When spinach is cooked, add sour cream and cream, but don't let it simmer. Then add sulguni to warm mixture and another dip is ready.

How To Serve

Place the dips in two different bowls and serve with baked, thin mchadi or toasted Georgian bread - shoti's puri.