Imerian khachapiuri
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

Khachapuri can be made from a variety of dough. At this time, I offer you a recipe that is ideal for frying in a pan. This dough is baked quickly and has an appetizing golden brown.

500 500 gr. highest quality flour
100 100 ml. matsoni
130 130 ml. milk
10 10 gr. sugar
12 12 gr. salt
8 8 gr. baking soda
270 270 gr. sulguni
270 270 gr. imerian cheese
2 2 eggs
step 1
Place in a bowl the flour, Matson, milk, sugar, salt, baking soda and one egg. Knead the dough so that no lumps remain. Leave the dough for about 15 minutes, then again knead, shape it into a ball and leave for another 5 minutes.
step 2
At the same time rub cheese on a grater, allow an extra water to drain and mix with the egg.
step 3
Roll the dough so that it’s thinner in the middle that on the edges. Put the cheese in the middle, wrap it in dough, from edges to the center. Cut off the excess dough, and leave for 3 minutes.
step 4
Begin to roll out khachapuri from the center, directing the edges. Give him a round shape, then put into the pan previously smeared with a bit of oil.
step 5

How To Serve

Fry over low heat on both sides until golden brown.