Sea bass with leek and baked bell paper
30-60 Min
Light dish
0-200 Kcal
170 170 gr. sea bass
80 80 gr. leek
150 150 gr. red bell paper
30 30 gr. almond
15 15 gr. nuts
10 10 gr. garlic
50 50 ml. olive oil
15 15 ml. red wine vinegar
20 20 gr. sun dried tomatoes
10 10 gr. basil
30 30 gr. lemon
1 1 рinch red paper flakes
1 1 рinch oregano
1 1 рinch paprika
step 1
Let’s start with making sauce: wash red bell papers, wrap them in foil and bake on 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Take out seeds and skin of paper, blend with lemon zest, almond, nuts, garlic, oil, vinegar, sun dried tomatoes, basil, red pepper flakes, paprika, oregano and salt.
step 2
Wash the leeks (it’s better to use foreign ones, they have less specific taste) and place it on a steam bath for a while, with lemon. Also you can put the leeks in boiled water for a few minutes. After that fry the leeks on grill with a bit of oil and lemon juice.
step 3
Clean the fish from fins and cut out the fillet. It’s up to you – whole fish can be used also.
step 4
If you decide to fry fillet, then cut it vertically on several places, add some salt and oil. Fry from the side of the skin for about 4 minutes, then – from the other side.

How To Serve

Put the leeks on the plate, then place the fish. Pour with sauce or put it on the side.