Kharcho spices

Kharchos Suneli as the mix of spices used in Kharcho soup is often called in Georgia is 

a traditional Georgian mixture made exceptionally for the Kharcho soup. The Kharcho 

Suneli consists of the following ingredients: 

Uktsho Suneli – aka Ulumbo aka blue fenugreek, a member of the legume family, ground 

dried fruits and flowers, which are used as a spice. It also dresses various Georgian 

walnut salads. Blue Fenugreek is common in the European kitchen as well. You have to be 

careful with it, as may give a bitter taste to a meal. 

Yellow Flower – aka Imeritian Saffron – the spice is often mistaken with Saffron (lat. 

Crocus) for its similar name and color. Asian Saffron is a precious spice which has 

nothing to do with our Yellow Flower – Tagetes (Lat. Tagetes patula). Tagetes is a 

perennial plant with orange-colored flowers. Flowers are used dried and ground in 

meals making the dish taste delicious.

Dried Coriander – ground coriander seeds deliver the finishing touches to the aromatic 

bouquet of the dish. It has a distinct aroma and slightly bitter taste.   

Red paprika – An aromatic bright red paprika is an absolute must for Kharcho and the 

best is the one produced right in Georgia. 

Even though you can purchase an already packaged Kharcho spices, but you'd better 

purchase them all separately and mix after grounding them on your own.  

The standard proportion of the spice on a kilogram meat is the following:

1 tablespoon of Blue Fenugreek 

1 tablespoon of Coriander

1 teaspoon of Yellow Flower

a pinch of Paprika 

Obviously, you can change the amounts of the spices according to your preferences.