Vinegar is a product with a long history. It is used as a spice in the cuisines of many countries. Vinegar appeared parallel to wine. Unlikely to wine, its technology has changed and renewed several times. Vinegar is not solely made out of wine. It is also made from rice, different fruits, and berries.

Vinegar is used in cookery, as well as in medicine. It is used to season dishes, sauces, to make marinades, for preserving food. There are different types of vinegar. For example, if we put 2-3 stems of tarragon, savoury or any other flavory herb in a bottle of vinegar, it will become tastier in few days. This type of vinegar is mostly used for seasoning salads.

It is well known that balsamic vinegar, also known as balsamico, which is made in Emilio-Romagna region of Italy, is one of the most precious products. It is made from late harvested sweet grape juice, mostly white grapes – Trebbiano, Sangiovese or Lambrusco. The secret of balsamic vinegar is in preserving it in wooden barrels. Real balsamico has sweet and sour, pleasant taste. It has a dark colour and should be of minimum 12 years of age. There are also 100-year-old balsamic kinds of vinegar.

As for fruit kinds of vinegar, apple vinegar is the healthiest among others. For its several positive characters, aplle vinegar is used for medical purposes. Vinegar made out of berries is also quite wholesome. Blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, buckthorn, strawberry, etc. are used for making it. Berry vinegar is made from placing berry juice in a glass jar. Put a slice of a black bread soaked in ordinary vinegar in it, cover with gauze and place at a sunny place. Vinegar will be ready in approximately one month.