Table etiquette – placement of tableware

     Table for official dinner should be set according to the strictly determined etiquette. There are rules for breakfast, lunch and dinner settings.
    Table for family breakfast should have breakfast plates, glasses, and cups together with their plates and spoons. Boiled egg comes with separate vessel keeping the egg perfectly upright.  Sandwiches and other meals are placed in the middle of the table. It should be accompanied by salt-cellar, butter-dish, bowls for sugar and jam. Porridge comes separately on a soup-plate together with a separate spoon.  
      Tables of official lunches and dinners present quite a big number of accessories, functions of all may not be known to everybody. First, you place porcelain dishes on the table, and then you put forks and knives, crystal glasses and other types of ordinary glasses. Complex needed for full table setting is called Couvert. It is considered for a single person and consists of: butter knife; place for pasty, bread and butter; spoon for soup; fork for seafood (cold breakfast); knife for seafood and breakfast; fork for main dish, meat and salads; table knife; decorative plate; soup plate; dessert spoon; dessert fork; glass for water; glass for champagne; glass for red wine, glass for white wine. Sometimes a glass of lemon water is also placed on the bread plate for refreshing fingers after eating sea food meals. Bullion is served in a special, large cup, which is brought to every person around the table.
       Breakfast table setting is somehow different. A special napkin vase should be placed in the middle of the table. Pastry plate, fork, knife, and spoon are all placed together with the main plate.
       Together with the paper napkins important attributes to the official dinner-party are starched linen table napkins and a vase full of flowers.