How to decorate a party table

A beautifully decorated table make the family celebrations feeling double festive.  Days like Christmas, New Year, Easter or a birthday party are usually celebrated around the table, aren't they?  So, have you noticed that we try to make accent on bright, spring colors when decorating Easter table, while New Year’s feast looks best with golden, silver, blue, white, red and dark green colors?

Birthday party’s design is more individual and mostly depends on the season, as well as on the age and preferences of the birthday person. Children celebrations are better to proceed with contrast, bright colors and cartoonish decorations.

Golden and orange tones suit more to the autumn table, while light green, light yellow, rose and lilac colors are for spring parties. Fall flowers and leaves make a lovely atmosphere in the room and do not ignore brown and varieties of wood colors as they look very cozy for autumn gatherings. 

Mind the table accessories and plates, which should fit in the general color and mood of the table. New Year’s table looks gorgeous with evergreen tree branches and red berries, as well as sparkly bows and candles. Easter table needs napkins in pastel tones, flowers and colorful Easter eggs. 

Table cloth is not particularly a must-have for creating a festive mood as the plain wooden surface looks quite interesting enough.
            Tastefully chosen plates and glasses, napkins and décor make the old table looking cheerful and keep its cozy atmosphere at the same time. Clay or colorful ceramic plates match best with the old wooden table.

An official dinner is a totally different matter – you have to consider every single detail in it. You'd better cover the table with white table cloth and do not overload it with unnecessary attributes. A bouquet of flowers will be enough as a table decoration.