The world's 10 best restaurants

Like cinema, culinary has its stars, which also have critics of their own. Longer than a century Michelin Rating list means more to the chefs and restaurant owners than the Oscar for the movie stars. The most prestigious award by Michelin is three stars, which has been given to only 72 restaurants around the world. Critics of the Michelin Culinary Rating work like secret agents as their personalities are unknown to people. They are everywhere and notice everything – interior, comfort, quality of service, taste and the color of the dishes.

Nobody has ever heard of their visit in Georgia, perhaps our moody waiters have threatened them in such a scale that they have lost their appetite and fled from here. The most important ingredient is attitude, which comes before actually tasting the meal, isn't it?

1. In the restaurant of Hotel Bristol in Paris they are fond of taking care on the customers' mood. Luxurious environment, Victorian interior, comfortable furniture and always smiling waiters gained three Michelin stars to this restaurant.

2. The story of Alain Ducasse is just amazing. The talented cook worked so hard that has turned his restaurant Dorchester into a three star winner only after 33 months of opening.

Discussing culinary is particularly loved in Britain, perhaps because their kitchen is not that original and diverse. Wellington, Pudding and obviously tea are the most frequently criticized items in Restaurant Magazine which annually awards 50 best restaurants in the world.

3. The world’s best 50 restaurants award has brought to Spain this year. El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant is located in Girona city and delights visitors with open terrace, warm lightning, fragrant plants and spicy food! Ole!

4. The second place goes to the Restaurant Osteria Francescan in Modena, Italy. The major honor of this restaurant is chef – Massimo Bottura with its pure reputation and a good appetite. You'll get these qualities better if you read his famous book: "Never trust a skinny Italian chef."  

5. The star of a well-known Copenhagen restoration is not shining that bright this year. NOMA – the four-times winner has slipped a little as Chef Rene Redzepi's team received sluggish evaluation for their culinary experiments. Noma's chef is an emotional man, so he left everything behind and travelled all the way to Japan to enchant everybody with his trademark wild duck recipe. So, with this, Rene regained his confidence and returned back to the homeland, where now plans to experiment further with seasonal products.

6. Central restaurant is Peru's national heritage. Its menu will take you in the famous landscapes of this country going from high peaks to jungles and deserts, up on the earth or down in the water.  

7. Eleven Madison Park – sounds like the very New York name, isn’t it? It is and you are right in the heart of the USA baby! The slogan of this restaurant is the one you might expect -  "Putting the fun into fine dining". If supposing that the success of a restaurant lies in the combination of delicious food and the flawless service, than this one has got the jackpot. Eleven Madison Park's chefs have ordinary American's friendly attitude and they watch from both sides of the wall. Their job looks like a constant dialogue between their kitchen and the dining room. Because of the communication based on the interaction makes the restaurant's service unprecedented. 

Imagine sitting in a white room with sky-high ceiling and the dinner follows with a free desert, pen and the paper. Your mission is to enjoy the dessert and find a name to it. I wouldn't mind getting any chocolate present right now… om nom nom nom….

8. The next nomination goes to Narisawa. This restaurant is as poetic as Japan itself. You can taste – Byron, Dylan Thomas, Basho…. right, you got the point – the chef is crazy about poetry. Everything is poetic here, starting from its romantic interior ended with seafood dishes that are just melting in the mouth.   

“Elit Treveler” is the world's famous culinary outlet, which has dug into menu prices this year. Based on this criteria the magazine experts have evaluated only 10 restaurants around the world, exceptional from which are first two nominees.

9.  Luxury is a well-understood world in Monte-Carlo and the restaurant Le Louis XV is an ideal example of this. You'll get a baroque interior, premium quality textile, rarest wine collection, three stars and the medium price for menu – 280 EURO.  

10.  People love British humor, but I love it a lot. Who would think of naming a restaurant "Fat Duck" if not an Englishman. Apart from the humor, the restaurant will host you with the original English food.  But, trust me you'll burst into a hysterical laugh when you'll get your bill of 290 Pounds at least.

If I were a culinary critic and wished to be proud of my country's cuisine, I'd first campaign with a slogan "Many smiling waiters to Georgia!" and would also request improvement of their working conditions, but alas! I'm neither critic, nor a big Khinkali enthusiast.