Romanian peasants used garlic for keeping Dracula away. A legend about Transylvanian vampires scared of garlic has it so. There is a legend about garlic in the contemporary world as well – it protects us from catching a cold.

To be prepared for winter, eat dishes that are prepared with it.

One of such dishes is broccoli with asparagus sauce. You cannot think of a healthier recipe for your body and it takes few minutes to prepare it.


How to cook:

Heat a pan and add olive oil and sauté onion and garlic, together with symmetrically cut carrots. At the same time, cook asparagus and broccoli in boiling water. Grate cooked asparagus and mix with roasted flour. Add milk, pepper, salt and boil for 7 minutes. To complete the dish, add sautéed vegetable to the mixture and enjoy it.