RestoGuide - Gunda, artisanal Sakhachapure

In 2017, a group consisting of top scientists, archaeologists, and historians in Georgia collaborated to initiate the first investigation regarding the genesis of Khachapuri. The outcome revealed the existence of 40 diverse Khachapuri variations, which are distinguished by their particular regional characteristics and preparatory procedures.

Through collaborative research efforts, the concept of launching the artisanal Sakhachapure in Georgia was materialized. The philosophy of our Khachapuri entail the exclusive utilization of indigenous wheat cultivars and cheese varieties, in conjunction with distinct Georgian recipes, in order to maintain the coherence and continuity of the baking tradition. Simultaneously, throughout the baking process, sustainability is incorporated through every stage, from soil composition to final presentation, by means of using gastronomic techniques that prioritize sustainability. 

 “Gunda” team takes immense pride in its contribution towards the inclusion of the “Tradition of Khachapuri in Georgia” in the register of intangible cultural heritage.

It is our sincere conviction that the uncomplicated yet ingenious dish, integral to the Georgian cultural heritage, possesses the capacity to gain widespread recognition and appreciation on a global scale. The objective of “Gunda” team and the underlying principles that define the brand will consistently be geared towards attaining said objective.