Resto Guide - Boncafe

There are only few places in Tbilisi where you will have fresh bread and warm croissants from 8 a.m. You want omelette, sandwich, granola, chia pudding and fruit salad, delicious coffee or freshly squeezed juice, everything is available in Boncafe for a perfect breakfast. Even at lunch the counters are filled with a variety of dishes and salads, really, it is difficult to make a choice. Natia, our host, already has experience of managing catering, though she says that Boncafe is a completely new challenge for her.

 “The idea of ​​delivering high-quality, tasty, healthy and comfortable food to consumers has always haunted us, however, due to the situation created by the pandemics made it easier for us to take a decision. According to the market demand, the concept of food service “near home” has become more relevant, with daily bread, comfortable and healthy food or drinks. The location was also specially selected - a district inhabited by several hundred people.

The cafe is a fast-casual concept food facility (so-called „quick service restaurant“) for ready-to-eat sandwiches, salads and hot dishes. Among them, the main focus is made on artisanal breads made from natural yeast. There are also a variety of breakfasts, buns and rolls, desserts, of hot and cold drinks.

The kitchen is of mixed type, composed of elements of international cuisine, containing dishes that are convenient and well-known to the customer.

We plan to expand the network in the future and open cafes of the same format in new locations“ - Natia Danelia, the founder.