Resto Guide - A.T. KITCHEN

There is a place in the city where you can start your morning with a delicious breakfast, conduct business negotiations during lunch, have a delicious dinner with your family, leave for  a culinary trip around Europe without leaving Tbilisi.

“A.T. Kitchen - is the original cuisine of Chef Aleksandre, which presents dishes from around the world.

Black Angus steak, Italian pasta, Neapolitan pizza - this is a small list of the dishes that will satisfy your most demanding gastronomic desires.

Ingredients used by the chef to create gastronomic performances in the open kitchen, hospitality, relationship, atmosphere - all this determines the quality that is most important for the whole team.

A.T. Kitchen menu is constantly changing. Its character changes according to the chef’s fantasy, season. Chef Aleksandre attaches great importance to the ingredients and their quality, thus creating culinary masterpieces.

While creating the concept we thought a lot about this topic. Our goal was to create a place where any person would like to come and have a delicious dinner, or breakfast in the morning, afternoon snack and lunch.

Our leverage is a quality that we nourish with great care.

A.T. Kitchen is open to anyone who wants to travel to different countries of Europe in one day without leaving the place. Our chef is a young perfectionist who creates Comfort Food, acceptable and understandable to everyone, of course with his individual handwriting and high professionalism.” - Mari Gogochuri, Marketing Manager