Resto Guide - Iasamani

At 33 Asatiani Street, in the entrance hall of an old Tbilisi house, you will find a bar of an interesting concept behind the green wooden door. Here you will find vintage, pristine interiors with modern decor, listen to tasteful music, discover many plants or flowers, including lilac and modern Georgian cuisine. The idea of the restaurant belongs to three friends and it arose during a pandemic.

“During the pandemic, our service could not function anymore and we decided to think of something that would be in great demand. We started looking for a place and found this amazing space. We could immediately imagined what our restaurant would be like. We tried to maintain the antiquity and different interior and integrate modern elements in the interior. We thought a lot about the name suitable for this environment and finally chose Iasamani (lilac), because lilac is associated with warmth and relaxation for us, and the guest who comes to our restaurant will definitely feel this atmosphere. 

As for the dishes, we were convinced from the very beginning that we should have Georgian cuisine and we have chosen Georgian modern cuisine. We try to use Georgian products from different regions in all dishes. We also attach great importance to seasonal dishes. In this regard, our guest will always have the opportunity to taste seasonal, different and varied dishes in Iasamani” - Soso Matiashvili.

You will find the recipe of berry salad with Matsoni sauce, which is included in our restaurant menu, on our website.