Edible flowers

For centuries people used flowers for food, the first record dating back to the 2nd century AD. In Rome, Greece, as well as in the Oriental countries, India, China, and Japan, flowers were used as a food additive, in beverages, tinctures, tea, and so on. In the American civilizations (Aztecs, Maya) flowers were used both for food and in religious rituals.

Apart from the fact that flowers are a wonderful color addition  and they decorate any plate, they are also used in this or that dish due to their taste properties. All edible flowers have a special and different flavor, for example nasturtium has a slightly bitterish, peppery taste and is ideal for salads. The sunflower flower has the  aroma of hazelnuts and will go with fried dishes, etc.

There are also dishes with the use of  flowers in Georgian cuisine. One of them is Svan nettle soup “merkheli”, which is prepared with violet flowers along with nettle leaves.

Delicious dishes are made from zucchini flowers. Artichoke is an unblown flower and widely used in Mediterranean cuisine.

The most common flowers that you prepare very often and you may not even know about are cauliflower and broccoli. Yes, biologically these are underdeveloped flowers that have formed into a growing, solid mass.

Lilac is one of the most common spring flowers in our country, it is edible if not chemically treated. Lilac is mostly used in desserts. In addition to different taste properties, it is also an ideal flower just for decor.

You can easily prepare aromatic lilac sugar.  It retains aroma for a long time and is ideal for use in desserts, tea or sweet drinks. Lilac flowers should be thoroughly washed and dried, then placed in jars of the desired size in layers with sugar. Store it  in a hermetically dark  and dry place for 1 week. It  needs to be stirred periodically so that the flavors blend well with the sugar. After 1 week the lilac flavored sugar is ready, you need to separate the flowers and sugar with the help of a large sieve.

It is important that the flowers for food be grown organically, i.e. without pesticides. Decorative flowers are usually chemically processed and cannot be eaten under any circumstances. It is desirable to pick the flowers in the morning before the sun shines, and then store in the refrigerator in an airtight container for a few days. The flowers should be washed several times in a bowl full of water so as not to be damaged them under running water.