Tea Club

Tea culture originates from Asia, but Britain has its cult for centuries now where it's a ritual and a part of everyday life. However, interest towards this culture is no less in other countries which results in fresh new recipes every year.

English Tea

Rinse your teapot with simmering water and place few leaves in it. Cover the lid and leave the leaves for steaming. Pour the hot water in 7 minutes. Then full your cup of tea and enjoy with some crème or milk.

Herbal tea

As we've already mentioned tea is the world's one of the most popular beverages. Apart from its traditional method of preparing people usually add some herbs and fruit to it. Herbal tea is healthy; it's toning your body, has a pleasant taste and a comes in huge varieties to please your preferences.

Bavarian mint is one of the most famous teas – as it's made of a delicious cocktail of Genshen and Rooibos.

Fruit tea

Interest towards fruit tea has emerged since the early 80s. That was caused by selling assorted fruit bouquets in the markets for the first time. A mixed aroma of various fruits turns this tea into a real firework of tastes as reminds you cool spring weather when drinking. The most popular fruit tea is made of berries and this intensely aromatic beverage is called as red fruit flesh.