What is your coffee?


Those who enjoy genuine coffee taste chose espresso. It's made of steaming or processing under a hot water pressure.

Three main factors need to be considered when preparing the perfect espresso:
1. Grinding the coffee;
2. Pressing the ground coffee;

3. Correct pouring.

If coffee is thickly ground espresso will turn watery, and if its ground too thinly than the coffee will get a bitter taste.

It's easy to recognize a good espresso. If you see a golden foam on the surface, then you can thoroughly enjoy it.


Americano is the same espresso but it is dissolved in water and gone under the coffee machine filter. It's slightly viscid with bitter taste and aroma. It's often washed down with water. A cup of Americano is enough to be full of energy during the whole day.


Cappuccino is made out of Arabica coffee. It is distinguished with versatile taste as you'll feel the sweetness of crème, intense cinnamon aroma, and bitterness of the coffee. It's best for your late breakfast.


Latte is the fattiest coffee as it's made of milk. It's quite heavy and nourishing and if you are watching your weight, then you might rethink of drinking Latte.