Smoothie for your energetic day

Smoothie is an ideal breakfast for the followers of a healthy diet - it contains all the vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and it is easy to prepare. You can change the ingredients to your taste and need.

What is the advantage of smoothie as compared to freshly squeezed juices? - when blending fruits and vegetables, the most useful substances will get in your glass - vitamins, micronutrients, cellulose; The smoothie mass is thicker than that of the juice and you will have the sense of fulness; The feeling of hunger will not bother you for long time; Taking fruits and vegetables in a liquid form is easy to digest; moreover, smoothie helps you to lose weight. Mineral water-based smoothies are the best way to detoxify the body. Due to the unique minerals of “Borjomi” we make our body healthier and reinforce the immunity.


To start the day energetically, make supply of:

150 ml „Borjomi”

120 g pears

100 g apples

50 g cucumber

300 ml freshly squeezed orange juice


Blend all ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Drink immediately after preparation or for 15 minutes. Fill yourself up with B group vitamins and stay healthy.