Ideas for the hangover

Hangover – the word itself triggers all negative emotions and doctors even compare the condition with the pre-death feelings. People all around the world treat the dehydrated body with various methods.

Buffalo milk cocktail is the best hangover solution here. Strange to imagine drinking a cocktail of soured cream, black rum, and crème, but probably it's better to leave it to the Africans and trust them.

Peruvians love to have fun and noise. Better to say, they are having noisy fun and their hangover solutions are quite specific. They usually eat garlic fish soup with squeezed in lime and lemon juice.  I'll definitely consider this option for my next hangover that is probably coming in few hours.


Australians have a strange taste, as they eat Vegemite for the hangover. It is a Nutella-like thick, brown paste and tastes like barberry. Honestly, I'd think first before going for this option.