5 advices for food photography

If you read this advice, it means culinary is the sphere of your interest, you often prepare dishes and you probably have experience of taking and sharing photos. It does not matter whether you are taking photos with a phone or a digital camera, simple hacks will help you in any case, and your photos will become much more appetizing.

A good light is very important when taking photos of food. You have probably noticed that a beautiful dish taken in the evening in a restaurant or at home in the lamp light does not   look very attractive on the photo. Always try to find a good light source, preferably near a window, but not under direct sunlight.

The products with which you will prepare the dish should be of the best quality and fresh. The quality of the photo is determined by the quality of the product - for example, dried herbs do not look very tasty when making photos of a salad. Always keep in mind that many dishes lose their attractiveness soon after preparation. Try to catch the best moment.

There is no specific shooting angle that would be ideal for taking photos of every dish, for example better to take photos of pizza from top view, whereas a burger from zero degree. In order to choose the best angle of a particular dish, try to shoot it from various angles. You can choose the final version from the photos taken.

Do not overload the composition with unnecessary items, like crumbs or pepper flakes. A plain, neat, exquisite composition would better demonstrate the dish. Try to keep the surface clean. Clean the inside part of the plate, although is depend on content of the photo as well. If you want to take photos of the process of eating, not everything will be perfectly arranged. Use only adequate details as a decoration in the picture. Always ask yourself - what does this item do here? For example do not pour milk into a cognac glass, grandmother’s antique brooch has nothing to do with beef steak.

Choose dishes of a neutral color and material in order to make emphasis on the dish. When choosing a photogenic dishes, take an option on ceramic, non-glossy plates. Natural tea-cloths and napkins will always be complementary to your composition.