Top 5 items of a confectioner

We all have experience of baking cakes by approximate measuring, with all the ingredients available at home, or just giving rein to your imagination. In a professional kitchen, things are different. The pastry items requires great precision. All the recipes are specified to-the-gram, and it is important to follow the recipe thoroughly. That’s why the work of a confectioner without a scale cannot be imagined.

When tempering chocolate and preparing caramel and cream mousse temperature control is very important.  An error by even one degree can have in a disastrous result. A thermometer is a very necessary item in the kitchen, especially for the confectioner.

At the confectioner's desk, you will definitely find spatulas of different materials and sizes - silicone spatula for mixing, metal spatula - for spreading cream or biscuit, leveling. Everything has its own purpose and each of them plays an important role in the preparation of desserts.

A pastry bag and a set of decorating pipes are the tools through which confectioners offer not only delicious, but flawlessly decorated desserts. However, accuracy and precision are not less important than the tools for decorating desserts.

Without dough roller and cutter, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the croissants, the cinnamon pastry, the biscuits, and many other favorite sweets.

If you want to bake desserts not just for yourself, but to rise to eminence in your profession and cope with some relatively difficult recipes, you will definitely need top 5 confectionery tools.