As the summer approaches, it is becoming increasingly important to spend time outside the city and logically the question arises - what to eat on a picnic?

A simple solution is a sandwich, which you can put together and pack before leaving. It is convenient to wrap the sandwiches in foil in portions.        

When preparing a picnic sandwich peep in mind that it is advisable to use dried or smoked sausage, fried chicken fillet as the main ingredient. Lettuce leaves from vegetables, cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes. It is advisable that all ingredients contain less liquid so that they can be transported without refrigeration. Choose relatively firm types of cheese.  

A simple picnic sandwich can be like this - bread, sulguni, cucumber and ham or a lot of vegetables wrapped in unleavened lavashi, avocado and chicken fillets baked in the oven - no one can abstain from  such a roll.

Taking the fruit is a wonderful idea. Try to choose less juicy fruits, such as sour cherry-plums, cherries, plums, apples, bananas. Wash and dry beforehand, store in containers.

It is better to take dry cakes from sweets, such as biscuit, Kada, muffins, buns. These cakes are well kept without fridge and easy to eat. Keep in mind that cakes intended for eating during travelling should not contain cream and chocolate.

Nuts will be ideal for reviving and restoring energy after walking tour. Take a variety of nuts and dried fruits in small containers with you and enjoy your picnic.