The Rule of Proper Cooking of Rice

As there are many varieties of rice on the market, I tried to filter them out and choose the most available ones.


Preparation technology:

In order to remove all the unwanted and unhealthy substances from the rice, we should   wash it 7-8 times, and leave it in cold water for 1 night before washing.

The proportions of water and rice should be 1 to 5 (i.e. 1 portion of rice, 5 portions of water)

On the day when you decide to cook, rinse the rice 7-8 times in the running water and after placing it in the vessel add water with the following volume:

·     long-grain white rice - 1 cup of rice - 2 cups of water

·     short - grain white rice - 1 cup of rice -  1-1/4 glasses of water   

·     brown rice - 1 cup of rice - 1-3 / 4 cups of water

Cook the rice over low heat, with closed, for 10-12 minutes. Remove the cover only after a while and the rice will be ready! You don’t need to stir during the cooking.

P.S. The technology is different when preparing Nigiri rolls, but you have to dry them for 18-20 minutes after cooking.

#Saba’sTips from our invited chef