Frozen Fish - Proper Technique for Thawing

By properly freezing the fish, its quality is maintained to the maximum.

What does proper freezing mean? When the fish are caught, they are usually processed either on the deck or in a special facility near the port in order to maintain its all positive features to the maximum extent.  

When buying the frozen fish, pay attention to the fridge, so that it does not have a so-called “snow” on the walls, if so, this means that it is stored at a wrong temperature.                           

It is essential that the fish are not thawed already and frozen for the second time. Such fish usually have dark (and not fresh) color or yellowish skin, curved tail, deformed body and unpleasant scent.                     

Fishermen often misuse the fact that many people cannot distinguish them by color or appearance and freeze fish containing water, which not only adds water weight to the fish, but also produces polyphosphates (harmful chemicals). Make sure that the products do not have thick ice layer on the skin and that they are not unnaturally glossy.                           

It is advisable to store the fish in a vacuum pack and to have a “shock freeze” marking.                                                                      

As for the thawing of fish before cooking, in order to maintain the positive properties of the product, it is necessary to follow the following rules:                                                               

•    Put the fish taken out from the freezer in cold running water for 10 minutes (do not put into warm or hot water under any circumstances)                             

•    Then dry the product with a paper towel and leave it at +6 degrees for 18-24 hours in the second section of the fridge.                                               

•    Only after these procedures, you can start cooking it.