Everything about chicken meat

Chicken meat is very useful and contains a large amount of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. The human body digests it more easily, so you can eat more frequently.

Chicken is divided into two types: meat breed and egg breed. The meat breed species contain more protein and fat than the egg breed chicken and is therefore more delicious.

As for the chicken itself, it has two types of meat “white” and “black”, white meat has more valuable proteins than black one and contains less fat.

Chicken skin - contains fat in large quantities and cholesterol accordingly. The boiled white meat is harmless and useful for people of any age.


How to choose chicken meat:

It is better to buy raw chicken of the meat breed. In young chickens, the gender makes no difference and they do not differ from each other by taste. However, when buying an adult chicken, it is better to choose a female chicken.

The meat breed chicken is much bigger than an egg breed chicken, and keep in mind that farm chickens are mostly meat breed, while the “village” chickens are egg breed chickens. Farm chickens are slaughtered at the age of 2-3 months, and village chickens are mostly slaughtered at the age of 2-3 years, thus you can determine for yourself, which is better. 

The skin of an old chickens is rough, the legs are yellowish and covered with rough scales, the fat is vividly yellow, while the skin of a young chicken is light in color, the blood vessel are visible under the wings, the legs are soft and covered with thin yellow scales.


As for the feeding:

No breastbone is visible in well-fed chickens. The breast is covered with a thin layer of fat. The skin color has light tones and no dark colors.

In badly fed chicken - the breastbone is clearly outlined, the skin has a grayish, yellowish or pinkish (depends on chicken breed) color.

It is quite possible that an older chicken could have more fat than a young one, but it is better to buy a young chicken with less fat.


How to identify a newly slaughtered poultry:

The bird’s beak is dry and solid, the eyes are filled, and it does not have a sour smell. The meat is solid and more bendable. If a bird has a greenish color, you feel softness when you press your hand on the meat and it have a sour smell. This means that it was slaughtered a long time ago and you shouldn’t buy it.  

Also take into consideration that the chicken meat is useful only if it is grown on a natural food and not on vitamins or antibiotics and hormonal preparations. In the latter case, the appropriate labeling is made and you can read the necessary information on the packaged product. If the product is not packed and does not have an appropriate label then ask the representative of the food facility to present a relevant document.

If you nevertheless have bought such chicken or some parts of it, pour off the first water during cooking in 2-3 minutes to remove all unfavorable substances.

And finally storage conditions: freshly slaughtered chicken is stored in the fridge for up to 72 hours at + 4-5 degrees. Undressed poultry spoils very quickly, so it is better to process it immediately. You will notice that it is spoiled when its skin becomes sticky and the color under the wings turns   light gray.