Nothing tastes quite the same as Armenian Sujukhi. Do you know why? Because its main ingredient is cognac. Cooks marinade thinly sliced meat with spices, salt and sugar in cognac and keep it in the fridge for 24 hours.

The cognac-saturated minced meat goes from the fridge directly into the cow intestines and stuffs them exactly the same way as Georgian Kupati is made. Unlikely to Kupati, Sujukhi requires no smoking. It must be placed on a board, load it with something heavy and leave on a balcony. It has to stay in a cold weather for 24 hours. Then turn it over and leave for another 24 hours. Then you must dry it. Hang Sujukhi in a draught for about 15 or 20 days. If it's too cold and humid outside, better to bring the sausage inside and dry it under the room temperature.