A Vegetable Garden on a Window Sill

Culinary enthusiasts from all over the world have been involved in a kind of challenge - to grow a small vegetable garden at home. You can become a participant of this challenge as well. Follow the tips below. It is really very simple.

Cut green onions, which are almost always sold with roots, at two centimeters from the root. Use green stalks for the dish you are cooking, and put the rooted cutting in a glass of water. The water should cover half of the onion. The green stalks will soon start to grow. They grow by about one centimeter in a day, and in just one week you will have onions for salad from your window sill vegetable garden! Cut off and leave in the water, the stalks may shoot out twice more. It is recommended to change the water once every two days. If the roots become sticky after a long keeping in the water, you can wash them in cold, running water and return them to the cup. It is advisable to choose the warmest and sunniest windowsill.

You may use the same method to grow the herbs that have roots.

Lettuce leaves with stalk and small roots, fresh garlic and celery grow slowly compared to onions, but it will definitely delight you with vivid green, fresh   leaves.