Easter grass Jejili

Bright green Easter grass is a symbol of new life and an integral part of the Easter.

The wheat should be sown 7-10 days before the Easter. Soak in water for 1 night, pour off on the following day, rinse with water and let dry. The wheat can be sown in two ways - on the ground and on the cotton. In both cases it is important to moisten, water or sprinkle with water daily. Excessive watering may cause the mold formation, so it should be moderately moistened.

We suggest an original version of Easter grass decoration that will embellish your Easter table. Carefully remove ⅓  of shell  from uncooked egg,  pour the egg white and yolk (keep them to bake a cake). Drain the shell with water, fill it in with soil and wheat. Distribute the wheat grains evenly with a wooden stick, place in a warm, sun-bright place and sprinkle with water daily. You can paint the shell with paints or paint ornaments on it.