Serotonin - the hormone of happiness

Serotonin is a chemical substance that is produced in nerve cells and directly affects a person's mood. There are several ways to get this substance, the first is sunlight - the human brain produces serotonin in the sun, which gives him a sense of happiness.

Happiness hormone production is also produced by the foods containing the amino acid tryptophan.

In addition, tryptophan plays an important role in brain functioning and healthy sleep.

Products rich in tryptophan are mainly protein, both animal and vegetable.

These products are:

  1. Salmon, which contains vitamin D and omega 3, helps to maintain healthy skin and eyesight.   Taking it twice a day is enough for the body to produce the required amount of tryptophan.
  2. Poultry meat - chicken and turkey fillets are low-fat foods with high content of protein.
  3. Eggs are rich in vitamins A, B, E, and K. When eating eggs we improve the immune system, and at the same time, we get the required amount of tryptophan.
  4. Dark green leaves of spinach, contain iron along with tryptophan, which is vital for the body.
  5. Cereals (sunflower, pumpkin seeds) do not contain large amount of tryptophan, compared to fish and eggs, however it is a good alternative for vegetarians to get this substance.
  6. Soy-based products such as tofu, soy sauce, soy milk - are also good sources of filling this substance.
  7. Nuts - a source of protein, dietary fiber and vegetable fats. Moreover, after eating it hunger will not bother you for a long time.


Increasing the level of serotonin in the body can also be achieved through physical activity. According to the studies, regular physical training has a positive effect on mood and has an anti-stress effect.