Mediterranean Diet

Hundreds of studies have shown that people living in Mediterranean countries are healthier, get sick with cancer and cardiovascular diseases to a  lesser  extent, which is due to an active lifestyle and nutrition. It is true that every country has a different cuisine (Spain, Greece, Italy, France), but their eating habits are very similar.

There are no specific rules, we do not count calories. There are principles by following of which we can eat in a similar way, maintain weight, revitalize body and mind.

In this diet, plant food is the most important. The food ration consists mostly of vegetables. It is also essential to eat bean products, nuts and fruits daily.

We must  mention the cold-pressed olive oil, which is widely used throughout the region and is an essential ingredient of all of the cuisines listed above.

It is advisable to eat fish and seafood at least twice a week. Chicken meat and eggs are allowed in moderate portions.

Beef and pork are restricted, although not prohibited. Meat portion is definitely balanced with vegetables.

Dairy products are eaten moderately. Consumption of refined sugar and flour is reduced to a minimum. Whole grain flour is widely used.

The product is always of the best quality, organic and natural.

Mediterranean dinner cannot be imagined without wine. 1-2 glasses of wine are allowed daily.