Tips for February 14th

Almost every couple is especially excited for Valentine's day dinner. This is that special night of the year when every detail matters and we try to give the best attention to a partner. Therefore, the dinner should be unique and memorable too. 


When it comes to romantic dinners, most of the time, preference is given to a steak dinner.

The good thing is, cooking steak is not that hard. After seasoning the steak, slightly oil it and place it onto a hot pan. Allow it to cook for 2 minutes per side (depending on how you like the steak to be cooked). For the sauce, you can use parsley butter - mix 50 grams of butter with  the parsley leaves, 1-2 scoop of shredded garlic and a few drops of lemon until it has a buttery texture. Put it in the fridge or freezer for a while.

Garnish can be a simple task too - Fried or grilled potatoes can be served with steak anytime. Although this garnish is not considered to be a specialty in other circumstances, with steak and some interesting dressings, the whole meal becomes special..


If you are not a fan of steak or you prefer a vegan or vegetarian dinner, then pasta is the answer. In order to make a regular pasta dinner extraordinary, you can cook a piquant pasta - with oregano and walnuts. If you are aiming for a vegetarian dinner, Parmesan cheese can be added to the finished dish; Use vegan cheese made of plant-based milk to make the dish vegan friendly.


For dessert you can make simple biscuits in the heart shape and enhance the romantic mood.


Also, do not forget the drinks, they are no less important than the dish on such a special evening. You can share a classic wine of your choice or make a little extra effort and prepare different cocktails; For example, Flirtini - which is a mix of vodka, champagne and pineapple juice; This will surely make your romantic dinner thematic.