Winter fruits that are very healthy

At first glance, winter does not provide much fruit or vegetables and is mainly associated with cold. However, in the winter, we can still find beneficial fruit, so that we do not lose our vitamins and strengthen immunity.


Here they are:


Grapefruit - Queen of citrus fruits and source of  vitamin C. Grapefruit is associated with a lot of good benefits and a lot of them are exaggerated but something that is tested and confirmed is - to reduce the duration of cold. It also helps lower cholesterol levels in the body. Even half a grapefruit (only 52 calories) contains a lot of beneficial substances.


Pomegranate -  case where the result is worth the effort we put into peeling it.Pomegranate contains a large amount of antioxidants and substances that protect the body against many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's and some types of cancer.


Kiwi - Kiwi is much more useful than it may seem - it contains more vitamin C than orange and more potassium in bananas. Despite its smaller size, it is very beneficial for our body and immunity.


Bananas - Bananas are a good source of potassium. They also contain a lot of B6 and C vitamins and iron. The best thing is that you can get bananas at any season, especially in winter, when your body needs immunity the most.


Pineapple - If you do not like the sour taste of citruses, you can replace them with pineapples, they also contain a lot of vitamin C. In addition, pineapples have anti-inflammatory properties; It fights allergic rhinitis and other seasonal inflammations and the manganese in the fibers strengthens the bones. 


Orange - One large orange can contain more vitamin C than a body needs in a whole day.  Orange smoothes the skin and makes it softer, which is an equally important property that is so needed during the cold and harsh winter weather to keep the skin protected.