Creating Magical Mood with Tastes

We are all looking forward to Christmas. Christmas carries important messages, both in terms of religion and family, and overall, it is just a good reason to celebrate. According to various traditions, Christmas mood is created with the help of wonderful tastes.

As Christmas comes, fasting ends and there is usually a lot of meat and fish on the table, therefore, in many traditions, roasted and baked meat is common as well.

Thus, in preparing a wide variety of meat, citrus fruits and various spices - savory, ginger, mustard, pepper, oregano - are used.

Cinnamon is more common in desserts and hot drinks, though with its warm aroma, it creates the most festive mood. Ground cinnamon can be used with any fruit, dessert or even beverages (for example, Gluehwein).

Perhaps everyone knows the unforgettable aroma of baked quince. In the preparation of baked and cooked dishes, quince plays a significant role and gives the dishes a magical flavor. The same goes for apples.

It is enough to peel the tangerine and it immediately starts to drip its aromatic essential oils. Its aroma is concentrated exactly in the crust that you can just leave in the kitchen and the room is filled with the delicate and pleasant aroma of this citrus. The same goes for lemon and orange peels. 


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