Turkey diet meat

Turkey meat is one of the most dietary types of meat in general. Turkey, traditionally used in America, has become popular recently in our country, but nonetheless, today more and more private farmers prefer turkey.

Why? Because the composition of turkey meat has several definite advantages.

The composition of turkey meat contains very little fat. By leanness, it can be compared only with the composition of veal. Due to its low fat content, turkey contains very little cholesterol - no more than 75 mg for every 100 grams of meat. This is a very small indicator. Consequently, turkey is a good choice for people suffering from atherosclerosis and obesity.

The same small amount of fat makes the composition of turkey very easily digestible type of meat: the protein in it is absorbed by 95%, which exceeds this value for rabbit meat and chicken meat. For the same reason, turkey meat leads to a feeling of fullness much faster - it’s hard to eat a lot.

The beneficial properties of turkey are also due to the fact that one portion of turkey meat contains the full daily amount of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which stimulate the heart and increase brain activity.


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