Autumn scents - setting the mood

Autumn has come unnoticed, summer is slowly becoming a memory, and the mood for the new year and winter is ahead. The beauty of autumn as a transitional season lies with its flavors, colors and fragrances.

Here are some of the products and ingredients that highlight the taste of this orange colored year with its flavor and aroma:

Pumpkin, with its color and seasonality, is reminiscent of autumn, and its scent creates a sweet, warm and pleasant aura. Pumpkin is very fragrant in baked and fried form. It is particularly good with powdered sugar and honey.

Clove is the representative of seasonings that best fits fall dishes. Cloves have a very strong aroma and taste. It disinfects the mouth, exerts blood pressure and has many other useful medical properties.

Cinnamon is used at any time of the year, mostly in desserts and Asian dishes, though with its unique flavor, it fits the fall mood the most. Ground cinnamon can be used with any fruit, dessert or even beverage (for example, mulled wine).

Perhaps everyone knows the unforgettable aroma of baked quince. It is enough to heat it up and it immediately starts to smell magically. A slightly sour, sweet, aromatic quince will create a sense of coziness and a warm home environment.

Apples are abundant during this season, and it seems as if nature has specifically designed this event for us. The cold-weathered body needs more immunity, and the apple has almost all the nutrients we need so much at this time. Eat apples in any form, squeeze them and mix with carrot juice, and you'll get a full day's worth of vitamins.

It is enough to peel the tangerine and it immediately starts to drip its aromatic essential oils. Its aroma is concentrated in the crust that you can just leave in the kitchen and the room is filled with the delicate and pleasant aroma of this citrus. The same goes for lemon and orange peels. Citrus essential oils also have antibacterial properties, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the home environment.

Thus, you can create a whole range of flavors that will enhance and create a real autumn mood.

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