Wine as an ingredient

Alcoholic beverages have been around for ages, especially in wine-growing countries. The wine gives the dish a special flavor, speeds up its preparation and changes the texture.

It is not essential to use expensive wine to enrich the dish. The main criteria are - the purity of the wine and its aroma. However, this varies with the kind of the dish itself. For example, any kind of wine is suitable for meat marinades, while it is best to use wine rich in flavor for desserts.

Thus, attention is drawn to choosing the type of wine with the type of dish. It is more common that red, strong wines are added to the meat dishes, while white wine is used with fish and chicken.

Strong, white wine is mixed in soups, dry and light wines are more commonly used in creamy, delicate dishes.  

There are two main ways of using wine, at the preparatory stage of the dish, when it is prepared, such as the marinade of meat, and directly during the preparation of the dish, in a pan or a pot.

The acids contained in wine soften the rest of the ingredients, including meat. Alcohol enhances and exacerbates other flavors, while the peculiar aroma of wine gives the dish an individual flavor.

Never be guided by the principle of "the more, the better", sometimes just adding 2 tablespoons to wine will allow the ingredients to fully absorb the flavor.

In fact, every gourmet and chef uses different types and quantities of wine, each to their own taste. What everyone agrees on is that wine is sometimes even essential in making some dishes.


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