Glazed vegetables

The whole essence of culinary is in the art of cooking and supplying food, and only by evaluating these two components can we talk about the professionalism of the chef. The French first realized this and thought of the most beautiful way of cooking vegetables, which retains their shape and color but enhances the taste. We are talking about glazing of vegetables.


Dazzling slices of vegetables do not at all resemble vegetables you might encounter, in Ajapsandali for example.


In the main recipes, the ingredients are cooked, boiled, or baked, and the glazing of vegetables is more like art than standard cooking. Mostly, such processed vegetables are eaten as a garnish or in salads.


We should not avoid the use of honey or sugar, they will be used not only in desserts.

To try this, you can use any vegetable that retains its shape. Just a few rules to consider:


1. Cut vegetables into medium-sized slices

2. Place a jar and fill with water

3. Add butter, sugar or honey, a little bit of vinegar and salt. It is these ingredients that make up the "enamel" that glides on vegetables.

4. When cooking vegetables, cover the lid so that the steam can come out.

5. Be careful not to overcook vegetables. After preparation, to get darker colors, you can cover the head and cook a little over a high heat.


That's all. For glazing we can use carrots, potatoes, basil, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, small tomatoes and many more.