Calories of different fruits and desserts

As you may know, one of the most important parts of healthy eating is eating a lot of nutritious fruit. Moreover, some diets suggest that you only eat fruit during the day because fruit can contain enough calories to get you through the day. 

Most people who care about their health also take great interest in calorie and nutrient content of the food they consume. Not surprisingly, fruits are a popular choice in this matter, however, it is a popular misconception that eating only fruit will help you lose weight; And some fruits can even contain way more calories than we need. 

Fresh and raw fruit, including berries, contain less calories, if, of course, we do not count kinds, such as avocado, dog-rose - they contain much more calories than you would expect.  (approximately 100 cal/100 grams). Date palm, for example, can contain up to 300 calories per 100 grams. 

Let's not forget that any dessert, such as cakes, jams, drinks - compotes and mousses - are far more caloric than fruits that they are made of. The main reason for this is most of the time - added sugar, butter, cheese, cream, etc. 

For example, per 100 grams:

Calories of strawberry jam - 280 cal.

Banana milkshake - 180 cal.

Fruit cake - 325 cal.

Apple compote (with sugar) - 150 cal. 


Dried fruit also contain more calories than fresh fruit but bananas and grapes contain a lot of sugar on their own. On the side note, sugar content and calories are two different things. However, we should be aware that 100 grams of sugar can contain upto 200-500 kilocalories (depending on the variety of sugar).   

Therefore, we should be careful with our calorie intake when it comes to eating not only sweet desserts but also when eating fruits, especially when we are trying to diet. During this time, a “diet” can bring completely different results compared to what we would expect.


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