How to choose BBQ meat

As this hot and fragrant dish approaches the table, everyone is looking forward to it, of course, if all table members are meat lovers.

When choosing a meat to grill, one must consider the following circumstances:

  • There is no need to be reminded that meat must be fresh. Also, do not buy frozen meat, as the dish will not come out as tasty and juicy as it should be. How do we know if we are buying a new product? Good, fresh meat has a bright red color, the juice is transparent, the smell is pleasant. Push your finger on a piece of meat - if the meat is new, the concave place will soon be flattened.

  • Choose the meat of the young animal because the older the animal, the tighter the muscular tissues, the harder the meat, and the barbecue will be hard and dry. Look at a piece of meat, if it is young, it should have a lighter, even color and a smooth surface, and the fat should not be yellowish.

  • Which meat type to choose - it's just a matter of taste. All experienced masters have their preferences, although most of them still choose the classic - pork. When choosing meat, beware to choose the one with less fat.

  • Beef is a little dry for grilling, so if you still want to eat it, choose veal, fillet or breast meat - these parts are more juicy.

  • Poultry meat is less favored for grilling. However, chicken meat is not only good in price, it has a low fat content compared to pork, beef and lamb and is considered a dietary dish.

  • If you are accustomed to counting calories, keep in mind that different parts of animal meat vary not only in taste but also in calories and fat.



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