Drinks recommended for hot weathers

We often lose energy and appetite, and even motivation to do daily tasks when the temperature is very high. This is often caused because we lose a lot of liquids, which causes high concentration of harmful substances, and difficulty in processing calories. Scientists suggest that during hot days, we need to cut 10-15% of calorie intake in order to simplify their processing.

In addition to drinking clean water, it is recommended to consume products containing the highest amount of fluid:

Cucumbers - 96% liquid

Celery - 94% liquid

Tomatoes - 93% liquid

Spinach - 92% liquid

Watermelon - 92% liquid

Melons - 91% liquid

Strawberries - 90% liquid

Grapefruit - 88% liquid

Cabbage - 87% liquid

Orange - 86% liquid


Try to eat food in small portions every 3-4 hours during the day. In this case you will not feel heavy and the process of digestion will improve.


Such food will not have time to fully digest and may create an unpleasant sensation during sleep. Replace such foods with a light vegetable salad that you can have with lemon juice.

Also, seafood is recommended instead of meat.

Drink as much pure water as possible. You can add lemon, lime, berries, mint, cucumber and other seasonal fruits and vegetables to your taste.

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