Picnic - tips and recommendations

In the middle of summer there is a special mood and a desire to leave to the countryside. If you are still unable to relax and take a vacation, we suggest you use warm weather for a picnic.

To make your picnic as enjoyable as possible, here are some tips and recommendations we have prepared for you.

1. Choose the perfect picnic location, time, and a group of people. In reviving such a delightful tradition, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of places, seasons and company of friends for a picnic: on a sunny Autumn day, enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park with friends or family, or a romantic breezy summer on the beach with your other half. Whatever form of relaxation you prefer in nature, be sure to supply everything you may need.

2. The one without which a picnic loses its main attraction is a blanket. It is advisable to choose dark colored blankets so that you will not struggle about removing stains. It is best to choose a tight but soft tissue that does not cause unpleasant sensations when touched. If you travel after a rainy weekend, put an oilcloth under the blanket - this will protect you from the dampness.

3. In case of barbecue, barbecue portable kit, which usually includes a small folding brazier and the most essential tools: a small oar, tongs, and a large fork.

4. In summer you'll need beach umbrella and insect protection. To get rid of the nasty insects you are attracted to by the dinner scent, you will be helped by an aromatic lamp with lavender oil on the table. It will be advisable to keep the tents in place during the seasons to protect yourself from unexpected rainfall.

5. Regardless of what dishes you are preparing for a picnic, with plenty of cooking utensils and suitable serving utensils, it is best to use ceramics, though you can use disposable utensils that you should not forget to clean up and recycle.

6. You should also take care of the products during the picnic in high heat. Buy thermal packs or thermal bags. This way you will not only be able to have a cold drink, but also - guaranteed fresh food. 

7. Take a big amount of napkins or paper towels with you, because, as practice shows, no Supra (dinner table) and especially in nature, is safe from unexpected things. Of course, one of the most essential things to not forget is - garbage bags. 

8. No matter the format of your event in nature, choosing the good atmosphere and nice sounds for the background is also very important; So, don’t forget to take any kind of music device with you. If you’re taking a music speaker, do not forget to charge it and prepare the playlist beforehand.   

9. If the picnic is close to the water, sunglasses and sunscreen won’t be extra, especially if this picnic takes place during the summer times, when we plan on swimming. As for fishing, the most important thing to consider is - do not rely on the potential fish that you may catch for your dinner plans and take enough food with you. 

Do not forget, the idea of a picnic is for you to go a bit outside of the city and take time from its fuss and to relax. Choose a comfortable place, this could even be a spontaneous meeting in a country house, trust your imagination and just enjoy nature.


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