How long you can keep boiled eggs

The maximum shelf life of a boiled egg is 72 hours, that is, 3 days.
During Easter, it is often the color of countless eggs that you should pay attention to. If you can not master all the colored eggs in 2-3 days, then it is better to paint them in parts. For example, the second half on Sunday.

Ready-boiled eggs will be stored at room temperature for no more than 3 days, the maximum shelf life in the refrigerator is 7 days. But it is better to eat them in the first 4 days, share them with relatives and friends, take the extra ones to church, just like Easter cakes. It’s not recommended to boil eggs for a very long time, but it’s worth it if you are going to keep them in the fridge.
According to some reports, boiled eggs at temperatures from +2 to +4 degrees can be stored for up to 20 days. But do not forget that without a refrigerator, they are stored much less.

If your eggs lay on the table for half a day or spent the whole night in the church with you, then storage is out of the question. Such food is better to use immediately.

There is a way for better preservation - to lubricate the eggs with sunflower oil, it will close the pores, and they will not deteriorate for longer.

Experts say that painted eggs can be a maximum of two days. It is not recommended to leave them in the fridge until Radunitsa (memorial days), as the eggs will already be inedible.

Speaking generally about holiday food, it is not recommended that food be left lying for more than two hours on the table. This is undesirable. In general, you need to be careful, as now merchants offer various products. There was a post, and now they need to sell the goods. It is recommended to buy products in authorized places. Pay attention even when buying eggs on the appearance of the goods.



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