Edible flowers

Flowers are usually are presented to someone. Or are putted on the table as a decoration. But we are much more interested in the fact that many flowers ... are suitable for food.

Strangely enough, sometimes excellent dishes can be prepared from species well known to us, from which we would never think to taste.

However, what has been said for the most part still relates to specially grown varieties of flowers, and not to bouquets bought for a holiday. In addition, one thing - tea from the rose, and another - the petals in the "raw" form. There will be no trouble from eating them, but there is no benefit either.

Roses belong to the genus of wild rose and are divided into thousands of varieties and hybrids. Many of them are used in food products - for the production of tea, sherbet and jams.

Lavender powder is used in many cuisines of the world as an exquisite seasoning; salads and meat are sprinkled with salt or pepper. In addition, lavender is used in the production of desserts.

Wild lilac should not be eaten - the plant is poisonous and can cause indigestion. Some varieties, however, are used to make ice cream and cocktail syrup.

Daylily, he is a daylight, is edible even raw, and is also boiled and stewed, especially in the cuisine of Asian countries. Fresh and dried buds and tubers are consumed.

Tulips contain the substance tulipalin A, which protects the plant from diseases, but at the same time being a strong allergen for humans. Nevertheless, some varieties of tulips are specially grown for food, and there is almost no tulipalin in them (or not at all).

Orchids are used in food quite often, although few are suspected. Vanilla, for example, is made from the fruits of several types of orchids. Orchid flowers also get into meat sauces and brewed like tea.

Cooking cloves are mainly used as a spice. In addition, carnation flowers are added to homemade wine, for example - to mulled wine.

Dandelions are uncomplicated food, but they have been actively eaten since ancient times. Young leaves and stems of the plant are used in salads and borscht, flowers are used to make jam and wine, as well as “dandelion honey”.

Violets from the genus garden pansies are sometimes used in vegetable and fruit salads. Fragrant violet is also suitable for desserts and drinks.

Chrysanthemums are very popular in Asian countries, not only as medicinal plants, but also as food. Their shoots, leaves and inflorescences are used in salads and desserts, eaten cooked and raw.

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